Anime girls x fem/futa reader - Winter Schnee x Futa fem reader (2022)


First lemon futa

No one's POV

Weiss looked at her sister stoked. "You're getting married?!" She yelled. Winter smiled and nodded. Showing me her ring. "I am" she says calmly/excitingly. "How? To who? When? Where!?" Winter sits down and looks at her little sister.

"Her name is (y/n), Weiss, she's very kind and loving and I know you're not ready for it but it'll be okay I'm happy" Weiss looks at her, unsure, she then sighs and nods.

"As long as you're happy Winter" she hugs her. Winter smiles at her sister's reaction.

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~Time skip~

Weiss's POV

Winter beside me. "Now Weiss do not be rude to her, understood?" I sigh and nod. Now we wait for the air craft that is dropping off her fiance. I'm so nervous. Do I look okay? Do I smell okay? Winter is smiling so big. I'm glad she's happy tho. "There it is!!" She yells happily. The air craft landed and out stepped a very big woman. Wow she's taller then I thought.

We as Schnee's wear white, this woman is wearing nothing but black. I look her up and down. Black shoes, black suit, black under shirt, black tie? Jesus it's called color try some.

Winter runs up to her and hugs her tightly. "I've missed you" I hear her say, I see the woman smile. "I missed you too baby" she kisses her forehead and looks over to me, she and Winter hand and hand walks over to me. She looks down at me and holds out her hand. "Hello Wiess, I'm (y/n), (y/n) Stein" she smiled at me. I was surprised her teeth weren't black.

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I took her hand and shook it. She smile brightly at me. "Nice to meet you Winter has told me alot about you" She turns forward Winter who's face was red as she looks away. "Awwe were you was talking about me honey?" Winter rolls her eyes and smiles. "Always" she smiles at the larger of us.

(Y/n) and Winter are staying in beacon. So they can be with me as I help them plan their wedding.

I'm still not sure about her but Winter seems happy. "So uh future sister in law what's your semblance?" I ask. Her eyes looked worried. "Oh uhh... it's not important" she forces a smile. I look at her suspiciously. She looks back at Winter and begins talking to her again.

"Should I keep a digging?" I ask my team. Yang looked at me she grabs my shoulders and shakes me. "Of course you should what if she's planning to kill your sister?!?!?" She stops and let's me think. Oh my what if she's planning to hurt Winter?

I ran over to where they were staying and opened the door. I see (y/n) standing over Winter. I gasp and try to push her. Winter and (y/n) both look at me confused. "Is something wrong Weiss?" Winter ask. "WHAT IF SHE WANTS TO HURT OR KILL YOU?!?!?!?!?" I yell hysterically. They both look at me then at each other and sigh.

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"This is cause she wouldn't tell you her semblance huh?" I nod. I hear (y/n) sigh. "Come here Weiss" she pats a spot on the bed beside her and (y/n) she looks at her and me. "I would never ever hurt Winter, I love her way to much for that, she's my everything and since we're going to be family" she pauses and looks at Winter who is smiling at her.

"My semblance is like telekinesis" she smiles. "I was thrown out of my own city for it, it's strong and I can cause alot of damage with just one look I mean fuck I'm an animal and a killer" I look at her and smile. "Thank you for telling me" I say. She looks at me in the eye and says "I would never hurt your sister I would die before I hurt the woman I love" I hug her tightly. "Take care of my sister" she smiles with tears in her eyes. "I will Weiss I promise" I get up and look at them again, smile and leave. She's in good hands.

Winter's POV

I look over at my future wife and smile at her. "Are you okay honey?" I ask getting closer to her. She smiles and nods. I lay my head on her shoulder. I feel her kiss my head.

"I love you" she whispers in my ear. I smile and look at her "I love you more" I bite my lip wanting to be a brat. She looks at me and smirks. "Oh are you sure about that" she growls. I nod my head. She grabs my face and kisses me roughly pushing me onto the bed. I love when she's rough with me.


No one's POV

(Y/n) bites Winter lower lip making her gasp and allowing her to slide her tongue into Winter's mouth. She moans feel her lovers hands go up her shirt. Breaking the kiss to take her shirt off, (y/n) sinks her teeth into Winter neck. Sliding her pants off as well as her panties. She continues to rip off off Winter bra. "Heyy! I paid good money for tha-" she moans loudly feeling her fiance latch onto her right nipple, her hands find their way until her (h/l) hair. Winter feels something hard against her leg. She groans pulling at the larger woman's shirt. She pulls away from Winter and takes off her shirt and bra as Winter unbottoms her pants. Pushing them down as fast as she can wanting her lover inside her.

Winter grabs the hard shaft rubbing it though painfully thin boxers. A hiss burns though (y/n)'s throat. Winter slowly pushes her boxers down and takes hold of the finally free cock. She grips it tightly rubbing the head of her fiances dick with her thumb. "If you don't start fucking me I'm gonna be real pissed" groaning taking her dick in hand and lining it with Winter's dripping pussy.

Rubbing the head of it against her slit up and down teasing her. "Oh fuck please hur-" getting cut off once again but (y/n) thrusting deep inside her. A loud moan rips though her feeling filled. Grabbing Winter's hips she start slowly moving in and out. She groans feeling how tight, hot, and wet Winter is. "Fuck.." She groans under her breath. Looking down at her seeing her dazed and face filled with pleasure she starts moving faster making deep long thrust into her. Winter digging her nails into (y/n)'s arms. "Fuck... Ah! please baby harder!" Winter begged. Never being the one to disappoint she began to go faster and harder. Winter moaning like a slut feeling her pussy being filled and pounded at. Throwing her head back and thrusting harder.

"Ah..! Oh fuck (y/n) I'm so close!!" Feeling Winter's pussy tighten around her pulsing member getting closer with each thrust. "Fuck! Cum inside me!" Winter cumming hard around (y/n)'s cock. (Y/n) cumming deep inside of Winter, groans with one last thrust. Winter's arms wrapping around her neck making her fall on top of her.

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Slowly pulling out of Winter. She said beside her feeling her warm body pressed against her.

"I love you (y/n)" Winter said snuggling into her neck. "I love you more darling" she kisses her forehead and drifted to sleep.


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