Environmental Conservation Officer Rosters (2023)

Environmental Conservation Officer Rosters (1)

ECOs in DEC's regions - click for regional directory information

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Law Enforcement Dispatch Center:

  • 1-844-DEC-ECOs (1-844-332-3267)

Environmental Conservation Officers enforce New York's Environmental Conservation Laws, including those relating to environmental quality, hunting, fishing and trapping and protection of natural resources.

Region 1

Nassau and Suffolk Counties

Acting Captain Thomas Gadomski
SUNY at Stony Brook 50 Circle Road
Stony Brook, NY 11790-3409
Phone: (631) 444-0250, Fax: (631) 444-0251

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Uniform Supervisors
OfficerPhone Number
Lt. Matthew Blaising(631) 444-0250
Lt. Frank Carbone(631) 444-0250
Lt. Thomas Gadomski(631) 444-0250
Lt. Sean Reilly(631) 444-0250
Investigative Supervisor
OfficerPhone Number
Lt. Kevin Cummings(631) 444-0250
OfficerPhone Number
ECI Jeremy Eastwood(631) 444-0250
ECI Michael Unger(631) 444-0250
Nassau County - ECOs
OfficerPhone Number
ECO Stephanie Anderson(929) 505-1174
ECO Lawrence Pabes(929) 505-6884
ECO April Small(929) 505-6894
ECO Zach Kachanowski(315) 748-8041
Central Suffolk - Townships of Huntington, Smithtown, Babylon, and Islip - ECOs
OfficerPhone Number
ECO Garrett Cacciola(929) 505-6587
ECO Emma Carpenter(516) 260-3240
ECO Christopher Derose(631) 601-5284
ECO Brendan Dickson(646) 634-9219
ECO Nicholas Perkins(929) 505-6890
Eastern Suffolk - Townships of Riverhead, Southold, Southampton, Easthampton, Shelter Island, and Fishers Island - ECOs
OfficerPhone Number
ECO Aric Boyes(929) 505-2244
ECO Jacob Clark(929) 505-6864
ECO Brian Farrish(516) 351-8601
ECO Robert McCabe(631) 494-5229
Brookhaven Township - ECOs
OfficerPhone Number
ECO Christopher Amato(631) 372-2642
ECO Taylor Della Rocco(347) 308-4589
ECO Kaitlin Grady(631) 744-2507
ECO Robert Kaufherr(718) 683-7486
ECO Connor Paschke(929) 505-6889
Nassau and Suffolk County Marine Waters (North and South Shore from NYC line to east of Montauk and Federal Waters)
OfficerPhone Number
ECO Ike Bobseine(631) 461-6061
ECO Christopher Macropoulos(347) 287-5217
ECO Landon Simmons(631) 205-0470

Region 2

Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island

Acting Captain Sara Komonchak
1 Hunters Point Plaza
47-40 21st Street
Long Island City, NY 11101-5401
Phone: (718) 482-4885, Fax: (718) 482-4984

Uniform Supervisors
OfficerPhone Number
Lt. Eric Dowling(718) 482-4885
Lt. Doreen Lum(718) 482-4885
Emergency Management Supervisor
OfficerPhone Number
Lt. Eric Dowling(845) 784-6045
Investigative Supervisor
OfficerPhone Number
Lt. Sara Komonchak(718) 482-4885
OfficerPhone Number
ECI Joshua Harvey(718) 482-4885
New York County - ECOs
OfficerPhone Number
Bronx County - ECOs
OfficerPhone Number
ECO Connor Dodge(718) 751-5701
ECO Shawn Michalet(929) 505-6878
Queens County - ECOs
OfficerPhone Number
ECO Brent McCarthy(929) 505-6877
ECO Darren Milliron(929) 505-6879
ECO Brennan Parmelee(929) 505-6888
Kings County - ECOs
OfficerPhone Number
ECO Christine Brussell(929) 505-4747
Richmond County - ECOs
OfficerPhone Number
VACANT(718) 482-4885
NYC Marine Waters of the 5 boroughs and north to the Tappan-Zee Bridge and western Long Island Sound, including Westchester shoreline
OfficerPhone Number
A/Lt. Waldemar Auguscinski(646) 630-1534
ECO Paul Pansini(929) 505-6886
ECO Joshua Veloski(929) 505-6896
ECO Shane Currey(929) 505-6868

Region 3

Dutchess, Orange, Putnam, Rockland, Sullivan,
Ulster, and Westchester counties

Captain Martin Townley
21 South Putt Corners Road
New Paltz, NY 12561-1696
Phone: (845) 256-3013
Fax: (845) 255-9249

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Uniform Supervisors
OfficerPhone Number
Lt. Michael Bello(845) 256-3013
Lt. Michael Buckley(845) 256-3013
Lt. Christopher Lattimer(845) 256-3013
Lt. Dustin Dainack(845) 256-3013
Investigative Supervisor
OfficerPhone Number
Lt. Nicholas Desotelle(845) 256-3013
OfficerPhone Number
ECI Jeffrey Conway(845) 256-3013
ECI Jeannette Bastedo

(845) 256-3013

Ulster County - West - ECOs
OfficerPhone Number
ECO Adam Johnson(845) 587-6397
ECO Jonathon Walraven(845) 281-3408
Sullivan County ECOs
OfficerPhone Number
ECO Ricky Wood(845) 665-5637
ECO Glen Parker(929) 505-6887
ECO Christopher Doroski(929) 505-6869
Ulster County - East - ECOs
OfficerPhone Number
ECO William Chomicki(845) 490-0875
ECO Mary Grose(607) 244-4561
Dutchess County ECOs
OfficerPhone Number
ECO Deo Read III(845) 240-6758
ECO Charles Eyler III(845) 490-9868
ECO Kevin Wamsley(914) 263-7819
Orange County ECOs
OfficerPhone Number
ECO Joshua Schneider(929) 505-6891
ECO Dylan Schuck(929) 505-6892
ECO Heather Carl(929) 505-6863
Rockland & Southern Orange Counties ECOs
OfficerPhone Number
ECO Erik Lovgren(929) 505-6875
Putnam & Westchester Counties ECOs
OfficerPhone Number
ECO Craig Tompkins(845) 216-4628
ECO Chloe Swansen(914) 260-6020
ECO Daniel Franz(929) 505-6873
ECO Matthew Thibodeau(347) 408-8724
Non-Sector ECOs
OfficerPhone Number
ECO John Helmeyer(845) 256-3013

Region 4

Albany, Columbia, Delaware, Greene, Montgomery,
Otsego, Rensselaer, Schenectady, and Schoharie counties

Captain Tom Caifa
1130 North Westcott Road
Schenectady, NY 12306-2014
Phone: (518) 357-2047, Fax: (518) 357-2291

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Uniform Supervisors
OfficerPhone Number
Lt. Jason DeAngelis(518) 357-2047
Lt. Anthony Glorioso(518) 357-2047
Lt. Walter Maloney(518) 357-2047
Lt. Michael Terrell(518) 357-2047
Investigative Supervisor
OfficerPhone Number
Lt. Matt Nichols(518) 357-2047
OfficerPhone Number
ECI Kimberly Robles(518) 357-2047
ECI Joshua Sulkey(518) 357-2047
ECI George Wilber II(518) 357-2047
Otsego County - ECOs
OfficerPhone Number
ECO Timmy Card(607) 267-9547
ECO Russell Fetterman(607) 422-8342
ECO Mark Vencak(607) 221-1544
Montgomery and Schenectady Counties - ECOs
OfficerPhone Number
ECO Kurt Bush(518) 813-6805
ECO Christopher Valenty(518) 505-4104
ECO Brian Willson(518) 491-2273
Schoharie County - ECOs
OfficerPhone Number
ECO Justanna Bohling(518) 443-9156
ECO Melissa Burgess(518) 603-2446
Albany County - ECOs
OfficerPhone Number
ECO Kyle Bevis(518) 626-1541
ECO Michael Hameline(518) 339-7403
ECO Kurt Swan(518) 869-5237
Rensselaer County - ECOs
OfficerPhone Number
ECO Brian Canzeri(518) 270-5035
ECO Zachary Crain(518)-424-5343
Western Delaware County - ECOs
OfficerPhone Number
ECO Nathan Doig(607) 267-5452
ECO Dustin Osborne(607) 206-0711
Eastern Delaware County Including
Greene County Town of Halcott- ECOs
OfficerPhone Number
ECO Vernon Bauer(845) 346-6607
ECO Jared Woodin(607) 437-6259
Greene County - ECOs
OfficerPhone Number
ECO Lucas Palmateer(518) 478-1698
ECO Jason Smith(518) 703-3529
Columbia County - ECOs
OfficerPhone Number
ECO Jeffrey Cox(518) 794-8935
Non-Sector ECOs
OfficerPhone Number
ECO Jason Curinga(518) 925-5549

Region 5

Clinton, Essex, Franklin, Fulton, Hamilton, Saratoga,
Warren, and Washington counties

Captain Daniel Darrah
Route 86
P.O. Box 296
Ray Brook, NY 12977-0296
Phone: (518) 897-1326
Fax: (518) 897-1331

Uniform Supervisors
OfficerPhone Number
Lt. Matthew Clemens(518) 897-1326
Lt. Robert Higgins(518) 897-1326
Ly. Geoffrey Younglove(518) 897-1326
Investigative Supervisor
OfficerPhone Number
Lt. Kenneth Bruno(518) 897-1326
OfficerPhone Number
ECI Anthony Panipinto(518) 897-1326
ECI Michael C. Phelps(518) 897-1326
Clinton County - ECOs
OfficerPhone Number
ECO Jeremy Fadden(518) 912-4579
ECO Matthew LaCroix(518) 335-5422
ECO Christopher Lagree(518) 319-7706
Northern Franklin County - ECOs
OfficerPhone Number
ECO Jennifer Okonuk(518) 319-0064
ECO Kevin Riggs(518) 335-3558
Southern Franklin County - ECOs
OfficerPhone Number
ECO Nathan Favreau(518) 354-9833
Hamilton County - ECOs
OfficerPhone Number
ECO Jared Newell(518) 257-9690
ECO Scott Pierce(518) 866-4723
Warren County - ECOs
OfficerPhone Number
ECO Alan Brassard(518) 409-6299
ECO Louis Gerrain(518) 925-5560
ECO George Lapoint(518) 793-3767
Northern Essex County - ECOs
OfficerPhone Number
ECO Bradley Buffa(518) 354-0539
ECO Jeffrey Hovey(518) 354-9014
Southern Essex County - ECOs
OfficerPhone Number
ECO Sean Dewey(518) 943-2104
ECO Maxwell Nicols(518) 338-2908
Fulton County - ECOs
OfficerPhone Number
ECO Jason Hilliard(518) 774-4517
ECO Shane Manns(518) 708-1168
ECO Paul Pasciak(518) 448-3103
Saratoga County - ECOs
OfficerPhone Number
ECO Jordan Doroski(518) 788-8544
ECO Mark Klein(518) 892-9402
ECO Wes Leubner(518) 729-8313
ECO Steven Shaw(518) 860-8675
Washington County - ECOs
OfficerPhone Number
ECO Stephen Gonyeau(518) 567-2104
ECO Marcia Goodrich(518) 222-4620
ECO Matthew Krug(518) 417-9954

Region 6

Herkimer, Jefferson, Lewis, Oneida, and St. Lawrence counties

Captain Harold Barber
317 Washington Street
Watertown, NY 13601-3787
Phone: (315) 785-2231, Fax: (315) 785-2532

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Uniform Supervisors
OfficerPhone Number
Lt. Troy Basford(315) 785-2231
Lt. Steven Bartoszewski(315) 785-2231
Lt. John Murphy(315) 785-2231
Lt. Aaron Markey(315) 785-2231
Investigative Supervisor
OfficerPhone Number
Lt. Francis D'Angelo(315) 785-2231
OfficerPhone Number
ECI Mark Malone(315) 785-2231
ECI Gregory Maneeley(315) 785-2231
Northern St. Lawrence County
Including Towns of Parishville and Hopkington - ECOs
OfficerPhone Number
ECO Ian Helmer(315) 559-8503
ECO Jonathan Ryan(315) 322-5106
Southern St. Lawrence County
Including Towns of Gouvernour and Pierrepont - ECOs
OfficerPhone Number
ECO Scott Atwood(315) 262-2304
ECO Joseph Munn(315) 842-2854
Western St. Lawrence County
Including Towns of Canton and Russell - ECOs
OfficerPhone Number
ECO Bret Canary(315) 489-3180
ECO Joel Schneller(315) 566-9258
ECO Michael Sherry(315) 375-6684
Western Jefferson County - ECOs
OfficerPhone Number
ECO Peter Jackson(315) 418-7380
ECO Evan McFee(315) 640-0335
Eastern Jefferson County Including Lewis County
Towns of Denmark, Pickney, Harrisburgh, Montague - ECOs
OfficerPhone Number
ECO Nicholas Nicholas(315) 466-4931
ECO Sean Rockefeller(315) 830-6335
ECO Max Woyton(315) 200-0813
Lewis County - ECOs
OfficerPhone Number
ECO Joshua Jarecki(315) 263-5987
ECO Shana Kraeger(315) 767-5232
Northern Herkimer and Oneida Counties Including
Towns of Western, Stueben, Remsen, and Ohio- ECOs
OfficerPhone Number
ECO John Gates(315) 816-1449
ECO Spencer Noyes(315) 240-8862
ECO Benjamin Tabor(315) 214-9681
Oneida County - ECOs
OfficerPhone Number
ECO Robert Howe(315) 382-0996
ECO Jeff Hull(315) 408-7179
ECO Steven Lakeman(315) 734-0648
ECO Chrisman Starczek(315) 489-4224
Southern Herkimer County - ECOs
OfficerPhone Number
ECO Darryl Lucas(315) 823-4071
ECO Katie Jakaub(315) 269-7443
Non-Sector - ECOs
OfficerPhone Number
ECO Timothy Worden(315) 778-9279

Region 7

Broome, Cayuga, Chenango, Cortland, Madison,
Onondaga, Oswego, Tioga, and Tompkins counties

Captain James Boylan
615 Erie Boulevard West
Syracuse, NY 13204-2400
Phone: (315) 426-7431, Fax: (315) 426-7417

Uniform Supervisors
OfficerPhone Number
Lt. Mark Colesante(315) 426-7431
Lt. William Burnell(315) 426-7431
Lt. David McShane(315) 426-7431
Investigative Supervisor
OfficerPhone Number
Lt. Neil Stevens(315) 426-7431
OfficerPhone Number
ECI Scott Angotti(315) 426-7431
ECI Matt Harger(315) 426-7431
ECI Robert Johnson(315) 426-7431
Oswego County - ECOs
OfficerPhone Number
ECO Matthew Dorrett(315) 625-4129
ECO Ryan Grogan(516) 243-4658
ECO Michael Wozniak(315) 418-6791
ECO Zachariah Brown(315) 200-2111
ECO Aaron Bonilla(315) 382-3365
Cayuga County - ECOs
OfficerPhone Number
ECO Zachary Prentice(315) 404-6185
ECO Scott Sincebaugh(315) 253-8534
Onondaga County - ECOs
OfficerPhone Number
ECO Donald Damrath(315) 445-2061
ECO Paul Sherman(315) 484-9678
ECO Scott Yacavone(315) 487-4401
ECO David Thomas(315) 236-0307
Madison County - ECOs
OfficerPhone Number
ECO Matthew Foster(315) 405-6576
ECO Ricardo Grisolini(607) 316-2574
Tompkins County - ECOs
OfficerPhone Number
ECO Osman Eisenberg(607) 564-9458
ECO Jeffrey Krueger(607) 227-9584
Cortland County - ECOs
OfficerPhone Number
ECO Matthew Burdick(315) 251-0125
ECO Andrew Kostuk(315) 741-2205
Chenango County - ECOs
OfficerPhone Number
ECO Brett Armstrong(607) 895-6515
ECO Ryan Wing(607) 242-9156
ECO Daniel Plows(607) 221-6077
Broome County - ECOs
OfficerPhone Number
ECO Andrew McCormick(607) 621-3464
ECO Anthony Rigoli(607) 766-1375
ECO Eric Templeton(607) 621-3255
Tioga County - ECOs
OfficerPhone Number
ECO Brent Wilson(607) 972-4435
ECO Stanley Winnick(607) 245-9751

Region 8

Chemung, Genesee, Livingston, Monroe, Ontario,
Orleans, Schuyler, Seneca, Steuben, Wayne, and Yates counties

Captain William Powell
6274 East Avon-Lima Road
Avon, NY 14414-9519
Phone: (585) 226-6706; Fax: (585) 266-8533

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Uniform Supervisors
OfficerPhone Number
Lt. Bruce Hummel(585) 226-6706
Lt. Matthew Lochner(585) 226-6706
Lt. Timothy Fay(585) 226-6706
Investigative Supervisor
OfficerPhone Number
Lt. Christopher Didion(585) 226-6706
OfficerPhone Number
ECI Brian Wade(585) 226-6706
ECI Mark Wojtkowiak(585) 226-6706
Genesee County - ECOs
OfficerPhone Number
ECO Fay Fuerch(585) 245-4975
ECO Evan Laczi(585) 208-3571
Orleans County - ECOs
OfficerPhone Number
ECO Vernon Fonda(585) 735-6963
ECO Nathan Godson(585) 441-4015
Monroe County - ECOs
OfficerPhone Number
ECO Shane Dobies(585) 329-8377
ECO Jacob Jankowski(585) 269-9338
ECO Jeffrey Johnston(585) 397-2746
ECO John Lutz(585) 303-1506
ECO Adam Muchow(585) 329-9381
ECO Eoin Snowdon(585) 683-6758
Wayne County - ECOs
OfficerPhone Number
ECO Kevin Thomas(315) 359-1122
Livingston County - ECOs
OfficerPhone Number
ECO Shawn Dussault(585) 362-0395
ECO Richard Rauscher(585) 300-7715
ECO Chris Ward(585) 303-0098
Ontario County - ECOs
OfficerPhone Number
ECO Paul Blanton(585) 694-4077
ECO Timothy Brown(607) 227-8538
ECO Keith Levanway(585) 369-8116
Seneca County - ECOs
OfficerPhone Number
ECO Anthony Drahms(315) 209-9399
ECO John Rich(585) 478-3505
Yates County - ECOs
OfficerPhone Number
ECO Joshua Crain(315) 775-7168
ECO Ronald Gross(315) 408-6086
Steuben County - ECOs
OfficerPhone Number
ECO Matthew Baker(607) 281-5435
ECO Steven Farrand(607) 331-7549
ECO Jarrod Lomozik(607) 329-9644
Chemung and Schuyler Counties - ECOs
OfficerPhone Number
ECO Erik Dalecki(607) 592-2783
ECO John Lifrieri(607) 644-3815

Region 9

Allegany, Cattaraugus, Chautauqua, Erie,
Niagara, and Wyoming counties

Captain Joshua VerHague
270 Michigan Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14203-2999
Phone: (716) 851-7050, Fax: (716) 851-7053

Uniform Supervisors
OfficerPhone Number
Lt. Liza Bobseine(716) 851-7050
Lt. Nathan VerHague(716) 851-7050
Investigative Supervisor
OfficerPhone Number
Lt. David DiPasquale(716) 851-7050
OfficerPhone Number
ECI Robert Peinkofer(716) 851-7050
ECI Edward Piwko(716) 851-7050
Niagara County - ECOs
OfficerPhone Number
ECO Kevin Holzle(716) 454-2623
ECO George Scheer(716) 377-2448
ECO Joshua Wolgast(716) 243-9038
Erie County - ECOs
OfficerPhone Number
ECO Carlton Gill(716) 908-5051
ECO Thomas Koepf(716) 345-4252
ECO Timothy Machnica(716) 262-7411
ECO Shea Mathis(716) 220-6860
ECO A. Charles Wilson(716) 675-1095
Wyoming County - ECOs
OfficerPhone Number
ECO James Hunt(716) 628-3488
ECO Roger Ward, Jr.(585) 919-4465
Chautauqua County - ECOs
OfficerPhone Number
ECO Kevin Budniewski(716) 401-1163
ECO Darci Dougherty(716) 316-5607
ECO Christopher Freeman(716) 490-3947
ECO Jerry Kinney(716) 401-1187
Cattaraugus County - ECOs
OfficerPhone Number
ECO Nathaniel Mead(716) 548-1482
ECO Robert Nosal(716) 532-0461
ECO Jason Powers(716) 771-8266
Allegany County - ECOs
OfficerPhone Number
ECO Russell Calanni(585) 403-2437
ECO Dustin Oliver(607) 590-1135
Non-Sector ECOs
OfficerPhone Number
ECO Michael S. Phelps(716) 851-7050
ECO Jamie Powers(716) 604-5353


How much do DEC officers make in NY? ›

Careers in Environmental Conservation
TitleHiring RateJob Rate
Attorney (various levels)$61,270$111,111
Environmental Conservation Police Officer Trainee 1$53,483
Environmental Conservation Police Officer Trainee 1 (after 30 weeks)$56,360
Environmental Conservation Police Officer Trainee 2$59,298
1 more row

Are there game wardens in Connecticut? ›

Connecticut's game wardens have a much expanded role today than their predecessors did only a decade ago. Known officially as Environmental Conservation (EnCon) Police Officers, the state's modern game wardens still carry out their traditional duties.

How many conservation officers are there in the US? ›

Of the approximately 7,000 wildlife officers working in the U.S., most—5,260—work for state-level agencies.

What is the DEC number? ›

If you are having trouble finding a person to help you, you can contact DEC's Bureau of Public Outreach at public@dec.ny.gov or 518-402-8044.

Which state has the highest paid state troopers? ›

The states and districts that pay Patrol Officers the highest mean salary are California ($107,440), New Jersey ($90,700), Alaska ($88,120), Washington ($82,740), and Hawaii ($81,460). How Much Do Patrol Officers Make in Your City?

How much do New York game wardens make? ›

Salary Information for Fish and Game Wardens in New York

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average game warden in the state of New York makes a median salary of $67,730 per year.

How much do CT game wardens make? ›

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average game warden in the state of Connecticut make a median salary of $53,790 per year.

What are water police called? ›

Water police, also called harbor patrols, port police, marine/maritime police, nautical patrols, bay constables, river police, or maritime law enforcement are police officers, usually a department of a larger police organization, who patrol in water craft.

What does deep stand for in CT? ›

The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) is charged with conserving, improving and protecting the natural resources and the environment of the state of Connecticut as well as making cheaper, cleaner and more reliable energy available for the people and businesses of the state.

What state has the highest paid game wardens? ›

The BLS also recorded California, New Jersey, and Illinois pay game wardens the highest salaries, with California paying an average annual salary of $88,150 as of May 2020. Game wardens find work in state and national parks, along with lakes, forests, coastal regions, and mountains.

Do all states have conservation officers? ›

In most states game wardens are part of a state resources agency, with the exception of Oregon and Alaska, where they're part of the state troopers. Regardless of what they're called, all game wardens enforce wildlife law and a lot more.

Why are game wardens so powerful? ›

Game wardens are law enforcement officers that specialize in laws relating to the outdoors and natural resources. Game wardens have jurisdiction to enforce local, state and federal laws which makes them among the highest authority officers in a state.

What happens if you dial *# 06? ›

Android & iPhone code: *#06#

Entering this into your keypad shows your display IMEI number, which is your phone's identification number, and it's unique to each smartphone.

How do I get IMEI? ›

Finding your IMEI number on your Android device

Go to the Settings app. Scroll down and select About Phone. Scroll down to find your IMEI number.

What is the MEID used for? ›

A Mobile Equipment IDentifier (MEID) is a globally unique 56-bit identification number for a physical piece of mobile station equipment. Equipment identifiers are "burned" into a device and should be resistant to modification. They are used to facilitate mobile equipment identification and tracking.

Why do cops touch your trunk? ›

If the police officer believes they are in a dangerous situation as they pull you over, they may touch the backend of your vehicle on the way to your window to make sure the trunk is latched. It might sound bizarre, but this tactic ensures that no one is hiding in the trunk and could pop out.

What is highest paid job in the world? ›

The highest-paying job in the world, in a traditional sense, holds the number one spot in this article: anesthesiologist. They are also the only job listed above $300,000 a year. The list, however, does not take into account mega-CEOs like Warren Buffett and Jeff Bezos, who make considerably more than that.

Which state police is best? ›

According to the IPF Smart Policing Index 2021, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Assam, Kerala and Sikkim have the best policing. The bottom five states in this list are Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and Punjab.

What is the best college for a game warden? ›

Top Colleges for Fish & Game Wardens
  • Oregon State University. Oregon State University in Corvallis offers as Bachelor of Science in fisheries and wildlife sciences. ...
  • SUNY College of Agriculture and Technology. ...
  • Montana State University. ...
  • Michigan State University.
Sep 26, 2017

What is it like being a game warden? ›

Tough Work

Game warden requirements include high levels of physical fitness. The job often requires hiking through rugged terrain, whether on patrol, hunting down poachers or assisting in search and rescue operations. At times, game wardens must physically subdue suspects who choose to run or fight.

How much does a Missouri game warden make? ›

While ZipRecruiter is seeing salaries as high as $118,258 and as low as $14,568, the majority of GAME Warden salaries currently range between $21,852 (25th percentile) to $76,268 (75th percentile) with top earners (90th percentile) making $104,547 annually in Missouri.

How do I become a conservation officer in CT? ›

To become a full-fledged game warden with the DEEP, trainee candidates need to have three years of experience working as a law enforcement officer with the DEEP, two of which may be substituted year-for-year with any of the following college education subjects: Natural Resource Management, Recreation Management, ...

How fast can a police boat go? ›

A gift to the Dubai Police from Dubai Crown Prince Sheik Hamdan, the 2014 700 hp XCAT is a $400,000 speedboat powered by twin outboard four-stroke 350 hp Mercury engines with a top speed over 100 mph. The Dubai Police are no stranger to speed themselves- they also boast the world's fastest police car.

Does the Navy have military police? ›

Whether executing crime prevention programs or carrying out anti-terrorism measures, the Sailors working as the Navy's military police are equipped to handle any situation. Provide security on ships, at bases and at military installations all around the world.

Does the Marine Corps have military police? ›

Mission. United States Marine Corps Military Police provide the Marine air-ground task force, component, and combatant commanders with scalable, highly-trained police forces capable of conducting law and order operations in an expeditionary environment across the range of military operations.

Can a CT miss a Mass? ›

A CT scan, like any imaging tool, cannot detect cancer, though it may be useful in helping to identify a mass and determine its location and size. A CT scan may also offer valuable information, such as its shape and possible makeup (e.g., solid vs.

What is a CTA runoff test? ›

Run-off CTA allows identification of vascular, MSK, and combined causes of IC in patients with suspected PAD and can guide specific therapy. CTA also allowed confident detection of crEVIF although detection did not necessarily trigger workup or treatment.

What is CTA scan? ›

What is computed tomography angiography? CT angiography is a type of medical test that combines a CT scan with an injection of a special dye to produce pictures of blood vessels and tissues in a part of your body. The dye is injected through an intravenous (IV) line started in your arm or hand.

Can you make 6 figures as a game warden? ›

Game Warden Salary

Half of all fish and game wardens reported annual salaries ranging from ​$45,740​ to ​$70,050​, and the highest-paid 10 percent in top fish and game warden ranks earned ​$80,540​ or more per year.

How much do Florida game wardens make? ›

Florida Game Warden Salary

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average Game Warden in the state of Florida make a median salary between $40,000 and $60,000 per year.

How long is the Texas game warden Academy? ›

The academy is approximately 30 weeks in length and includes courses in fish, wildlife and natural resource management; physical training; first aid; water rescue; boat operations; defensive tactics; use of firearms; driver training; civil defense training; homeland security; law enforcement curriculum and tactics.

Can conservation officers have beards? ›

Can Game Wardens Have Beards? Most game wardens are subject to strict dress codes for their jobs, and these guidelines will often cover hair color and length. In general, most places do not allow their game wardens to grow out their beards.

What is the difference between a park ranger and a game warden? ›

Game Wardens vs Park Rangers

Park Rangers have different titles such as Law Enforcement Rangers and Forest Rangers. Other titles for Game Wardens include Wildlife Officers, Wildlife Troopers, and Conservation Officers. No matter what they are called, there is a common goal.

How much does a game warden make a year in Texas? ›

How much does a Game Warden make in Texas? As of Aug 4, 2022, the average annual pay for a Game Warden in Texas is $52,899 a year. Just in case you need a simple salary calculator, that works out to be approximately $25.43 an hour. This is the equivalent of $1,017/week or $4,408/month.

Can a game warden enter your house without a warrant in Texas? ›

The default rule under the Texas and U.S. constitutions is that a police officer (or game warden) needs a warrant to enter and search your house.

Can a Texas game warden stop you for speeding? ›

Like other police officers, game wardens have the power to search, seize, and arrest individuals for violating Texas laws. So, if you're flying down a road in game warden territory, you're cruising for a bruising—Texas game wardens can make traffic stops and issue speeding tickets.

What can a game warden do to you? ›

Protecting wildlife and wild places is the work of conservation officers. Also called fish and game wardens, they enforce laws and regulations that support fish and animal populations. Capable of using almost every type of transportation, they patrol their assigned areas by car, boat, airplane, horse, or on foot.

Which police job pays the most? ›

The Chief of Police is the top position in civilian law enforcement. The Chief of Police has the highest paying job in law enforcement for the civilian sector, making between $96,000 and $160,000 a year (In Salary). Just below the Chief is the Deputy Chief of Police, with a salary of up to $138,000 a year (In Salary).

What is the starting salary for a New York State Trooper? ›

Base Salary: $115,844. You may compete in the promotional process for the middle management rank of Lieutenant after serving 2 years as a Sergeant. Base Salary: $138,487.

What is the starting salary for NYC teachers? ›

For 2019-20, starting salaries for teachers range from $57,845 (bachelor's degree, no prior teaching experience) to $87,510 (master's degree, eight years teaching experience, plus additional coursework). New teachers with a master's degree but no prior teaching experience will earn $65,026.

How much do Clarkstown police make? ›

The estimated salary for a police officer is $57,832 per year in Town of Clarkstown, NY.


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