Schnee: Hero or Huntress (RWBY/MHA) (2022)

The trip back to the school was silent, mostly. No longer hiding her friendships with Kyouka and Mina earned quite a few whispers. Weiss didn't care anymore. All of her anger, her rage from earlier? Well, it was still in there, somewhere inside of her, but Weiss pushed it down. Negative emotions would have brought a horde of Grimm, so learning to suppress ones emotions was a must. Weiss had been lacking when it came to that recently.

After a quick shower in the girls locker room, and changing out of her bloodstained outfit, Weiss finally made it to the classroom, walking in between her two friends. Yaoyorozu had decided to join them, walking next to Mina who was on Weiss' left.

"So you had Kaminari electrocute everyone, while you two hid behind an insulated blanket?" Weiss opened the door to the classroom, giving Yaoyorozu and Kyouka, the both of them nodding in agreement. If they were nervous or curious about the blood stains on Weiss' battle dress, they didn't show it.

"Yup. He couldn't walk in a straight line afterwards." Kyouka smirked as they walked in. A few classmates were already waiting inside.

"And he couldn't form proper sentences for a bit." Yaoyorozu added with a polite giggle. They didn't act like they had almost been killed not even a few hours ago. Did they think this was a game? How many more of her classmates shared the same sentiments? That left a sour taste in Weiss' mouth, but she buried it. She didn't need to alienate her friends, or have them poking around why she was more experienced than they were.

"Schnee!" A blur of green appeared in front of her, with Midoriya staring at her with excited eyes. Uraraka was also with him, standing next to him with a smile. Did no one care that thet were attacked by villains? Or were they also hiding that they were nervous? Weiss hardened her eyes. "I've been wanting to ask you about your quirk…" He started mumbling, writing something down in a notebook. Midoriya mentioned something about snowflakes, most likely talking about her glyphs.

He finally stopped talking to look up from his notebook. "What is your quirk exactly?"

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Ruby dragged Weiss into a weapons shop, squealing about the various mechashift models on display.

"That's none of your business." Weiss said harshly, walking past him without another word. Uraraka seemed shocked, and a bit angered at Weiss' response, but who was she to judge her? Uraraka was no one to Weiss, just a simple classmate, and so was Midoriya.

"That was a bit mean, dontcha think?" Mina said with her arms behind her head. "He was just asking a question." Weiss sat in her chair silently, with the three girls accompanying her. Kyouka sat on Weiss' desk. The other two girls flanked her as Weiss pulled out a notebook.

"He'll be fine." Weiss said dryly. The idiot should be reflecting on how and why he survived with that destructive quirk of his.

"Mina's still right." Kyouka added, her eyes glancing at Weiss' music notebook. Yaoyorozu leaned down a bit to watch as well. How annoying, but at least she didn't remind Weiss of Ruby.

"And he should be more worried about himself rather than other people's quirks after what happened today." Weiss shot back. She opened the notebook to a blank page, a wave of inspiration flowing through her. She needed to get this on paper before it left her.

Weiss finally had the main character's theme song for the movie!

All Might's impressive form towered over everyone, his grin a shining beacon of hope. With a mighty punch, he sent Nomu flying through the air.

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Weiss started to write, her two friends, plus Yaoyorozu watching her scribble in her notebook.

'Take my hand, I'm here to protect you…'

If Nezu was a lesser person, he would have been shocked by the amount of blood and gore that was littered in the area where Miss Schnee was sent to. A lesser person would've been shocked when they saw the actual recording, since the villains seemed to have forgotten they even existed. The forest Miss Schnee was sent had numerous hidden cameras that allowed Nezu to view the slaughter from multiple angles.

"She's rather skilled with her blade." All Might said, no longer in his more muscular form. His blue eyes were focused on the half dozen screens in front of them.

"Skilled, or do you mean, more experienced than any other student her age?" Nezu said. Miss Schnee fought with the grace of a ballerina, dancing elegantly even as she sliced through the villains that attacked her.

"Both." All Might's eyes were hard, carefully watching Miss Schnee use her quirk to bounce around the battlefield. "Aizawa was right. She was holding back, judging by how fast she defeated them."

Nezu had also seen the results of Eraserheads's physical exam, and All Might's combat exercise. Why did a fifteen year old girl fight like a seasoned Pro? Better yet, how did she have a quirk so versatile? Her snowflakes alone were already strong, but how did she manage to freeze them?

"Pause the recording and rewind five seconds. Go frame by frame." Nezu said to the computer. The video slowly went backwards, just as Miss Schnee was forming a wall of snowflakes around the remaining villains. "Zoom in on the cross guard of her sword and resume video, frame by frame."

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The screen zoomed in on the weird part of Miss Schnee's sword, as it slowly turned with different colors. Hm, a sort of rapier-revolver? Cementoss did say that she claimed to have built and designed it herself, and that it helped her to channel her quirk.

Ice sprang from the ground, capturing the villains. Most of them were at the hospital under the watch of the police, along with those that Todoroki had frozen. The recording jumped to her confrontation with Nomu, a yellow clock-like snowflake appearing beneath her as she quickly became a blur, bouncing off of other snowflakes with precision and without hesitation.

"Multiple quirks can only mean one thing." All Might muttered. "Could he have sent her to infiltrate the school? Planted her and helped organize this ambush so that she may try to gain our trust?"

"Hm, I don't believe so. There's one thing that her quirks have in common." Nezu took a sip of delicious hot tea. What did her paperwork say her quirk was again? Ah yes, he remembered now.

"Those glyphs of her seem rather interesting."

"Sir?" All Might's eyes tore themselves away from the screen to look at the Principal of UA.

"No need to worry, All Might." Nezu jumped off of his seat as the lights came to life. "As principal, it is my duty to ensure the safety of our students and faculty, and the last time I checked, Miss Schnee is still our student."

"Of course, sir. But you also saw her face when she cut them down." All Might pressed his hands together as he looked down at the ground. "You didn't see her eyes when she said that the blood wasn't hers."

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Was Miss Schnee a living weapon? A tool that All For One, who had somehow survived, was using to tear down All Might? Or were they both overthinking this, and the truth was something completely different? Any and all options must be kept open, especially in this age of heroes. If they were wrong, they might lose one of the most skilled students that had ever graced the halls of UA.

"I can imagine." Nezu placed a hand on All Might's knee. He was too short to reach All Might's shoulders. "You may relax now. It's been a long day, and I'm sure your successor is wondering where you are."

Nezu grinned cheerfully, his brain already turning and planning. Approaching Schnee directly after this incident might cause her to go back into her shell, but it was a risk that Nezu was willing to take. While Schnee has not displayed any aggression to other students according to her instructors, she could be a danger to herself. He would have to deal with his personally.

"There's no need for fear, the Principal is on the case!"


Yeah, time for more plot divergence, hopefully. I'm not a good writer, but I hope it was fun! There's a lot I need to improve on. And the class doesn't know about any confirmed deaths at the moment, before anyone asks why they aren't more baffled

Time to come up with Roman and Toga omakes.

Till next time on Schnee: Hero or Huntress!

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