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Donald Q.

Top notch electrician from first call to final invoice. Dale called back almost immediately. Worked me into his schedule quickly. Showed up on time and got right to work. Very friendly and knowledgeable. Was able to figure out the issues caused by a different contractor and remediate my GFI issues through re-wire in the attic. Would recommend Dale and his team to everyone. Workmanship was excellent and fees were extremely reasonable. I would use Dale again for any electrical work in my home!

GFI Troubleshooting and install new outlets




Kelly K.

Yeah I called this guy and he answers "hello?" I say I'm calling for Schneer Electric, he says "Yeah what do you want did I call you?" ..... uh no dude you didn't "I'm a potential client?" I say; then he gets all fussy with me because my area code came up as out of state and he doesn't know what I mean by "I'm a potential new client." News flash buddy it's out of state because I just moved to your area and was using Angie's List to call electricians to help me. If you answer your phone like that you're going to lose a lot of potential clients, like holy smokes hope you're okay idk what kind of issues you got going on that caused you to freak out like that.

Just bought a house, needed an electrician for a full update on my property.




Tammie S.

Prompt, pleasant and courteous. Will hire Schneer Electric again.

Outdoor outlet had issues.




Louis D.




very very well . Dale and his son were prompt, courteous and did an exceptional job. Certainly would recommend their services.

install a ceiling fan -2 switches and a closet light




Albert O.

He finally came, but it was about a year later. It was a little complicated because we had to get the power company involved because of a power line and they were not cooperative. It took a long time. When he finally came he did the job and he did it at a fair price because we waited so long. He tried to call the electric company and they did not respond again, but he went ahead and fixed it himself. He did the work well. He was good and said he happened to be busy at that time. He was very, very nice and was a good person to talk to. We had agreed I did not want him to come in the winter time. When I called him up at the beginning of the new year he said he was busy and wanted me to call him back. I did call him and he came out two weeks after that. Then he did everything that he had to do. At he beginning he came just to look and give me a price. When he did come he came twice because he had to dig out the wires outside first, cover them, and put some planking over them. Then he had to get the equipment and came back a second time within a day or two and did it. I was happy with the price. He was professional. I plan to call him back to do an internal electric project.

He came out to work on my external power box that had detached from the wall. It was a safety hazard and I did not want that.




Carrie W.

If I could give this honest, kind man 100 more A's I most certainly would. After a weekend of much distress on my end, I called Schneer Electric and left a message first thing Monday morning. Within the hour I had a return phone call and an appointment later that same day. Dale kindly came out to evaluate my outlet problem. Within minutes and a flip of a switch the issue was resolved. Dale was knowledgeable and honest and I would highly recommend him to any of my friends and any of you reading this now. If you are looking for an honest, reliable electrician, look no further. I will definitely use Schneer Electric in the future.

I was having trouble with outlets in my kitchen along the wall where my refrigerator resides. Dale came out after a long day working another job and provided me with an assessment. I think he could sense the desperation in my voice!




Doug B.




Ron L.

Electrical work completed competently in tenant occupied residence. Difficulty occurred in responsiveness and punctuality of repair service.





Service update from 60amp fuse box to 200 amp Circuit breakers. Moved meters and service cable to less conspicuous location, Eliminated aluminum wiring, fixed illegal splicing and took care of all interaction with Warminster License and Inspections. Dale went above and beyond all expectations to get everything up to code and get U&O approved.





Excellent work done, looks great! Dale, the owner, came to give estimate on the job. I explained what I wanted and he made some recommendations. He had to install light switch and fish wires through the wall to the outside to install outside light and outlet. You wouldn't know that it wasn't original to the house. Very happy with the quality work he and his son did.

Installed new service cable and meter panel. Installed wiring, switch, light, for back yard light....and separate electric outlet for back yard.

electrician, lighting



Eric M.

When we had our new wells drilled back in March, the contractors accidentally severed the underground wiring leading to our barn. Called Dale and he came out the next day to give us a quote, and came prepared to perform the work on the spot, if we wanted him to. His pricing was great, so roughly an hour after he showed up at our home, the work was completed. Dale is very friendly and professional and we will definitely be calling him back for whatever planned and/or unplanned work we have in the future.

Reconnected severed underground wiring for our barn.




Ann R.

Great Punctual, responsive and reasonable price compared to other estimates received.

Ran wire for installation of an outdoor ceiling fan to indoor switch in kitchen.

electrician, ceiling fans


Matthew O.

Unfortunately we had been playing phone tag and I had to have my job completed after not hearing from Dale in a few days. Here is why I wanted to give him a review... Even though he did not call me back and I had to use someone else, he called me a few weeks later and explained his situation. He had some personal issues to deal with, and wasn't able to follow up like he wanted. I thought it was very honorable for him to remember me. He was apologetic and was happy I was able to get my job completed. I know I will use him on my next project. Thanks Dale. Hope all is well. -Matt

Dale was able to provide, what I thought to be, an honest quote.




Jun I.

* Before the job, I compared the cost estimates from three electricians, and Schneer Electric easily beat the other two. * Mr. Dale Schneer (the owner) and Chris (Mr. Schneer's assistant) were very professional, with polite / kind manners, as well as were very courteous and clean shaven. He even took the time to pet my female cat. * Mr. Schneer diagnosed issues and explained potential solutions in great details, and proposed solutions in great details to me. He went ahead and purchased additional parts required very promptly. * Upon completion of the job, Mr. Schneer explained what had been done and walked me through the job completed. * In summary, I could not have expected better job as to the services provided and the overall qualities. I am in the process of updating various components of the electric parts. I would not hesitate to hire Schneer Electric to perform those services. * Thank you very much, Mr. Schneer, for the exceptional services and have a good holiday seasons!

* Upgrade two 110 volts outlets (one - the first floor and the other on the second floor) to 220 volts. The electric panel was on the basement.




Barbara T.

Dale arrived promptly at designated time with a helper. Both were very personable and knowledgeable. Both worked steadily to get the jobs done. They were both very neat and considerate of my home. Job sites were cleaned up when they were done. Price was as promised on the estimate. I would definitely call Dale again in the future if needed, and would highly recommend him for any electrical needs.

Installed two new outlets on separate circuit; repaired inoperative outlet and switch; repaired 3 outlets and 2 switches which were not securely anchored in the wall.




Nicole J.

Dale did a great job. He was very friendly and gave us further recommendations.

installed a new electrical outlet above our mantle





He did an excellent job. He was very prompt and very neat. He was also very honest and the pricing was fine.

He did a lot of wiring and lighting for us in our house which included installing ceiling lights and outdoor lights.

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