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Default Outfit:

Weiss appears as a young girl, dressed primarily in light blue, white, and some red. She wears a pale blue bolero jacket over a similarly colored thigh-length dress with a piece of black lace making up the neckline of the dress. The inside of the bolero is red and the sleeves turn blue as they get closer to her wrists. The back of the bolero displays the Schnee Crest, which bears a resemblance to a snowflake. The same design seems to appear when she uses her Semblance. According to Weiss, her dress is a combat skirt, which Ruby Rose also wears.


Her sleepwear is a faded bluish sleeping gown with short sleeves and white trimmings, and her logo on the upper-right chest. This is the only outfit where she is seen with her hair let down.

Alternate Outfit (SnowPea)

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During the events of "A Minor Hiccup" and "Painting the Town...", Weiss wears a pure white dress with black edging and two columns of four black buttons on the abdomen. Much like on the bolero of her original outfit, there is a print of her snowflake emblem on her back, in pale blue this time, rather than white.

The inside of the skirt portion of the dress contains black frills. She also wears thigh-high, white high-heel boots with frilly black thigh-high stockings that come up slightly above the top of her boots.


Weiss wears the same shoes, skirt, blouse and blazer as every other girl attending Beacon Academy, though her stockings/socks are shorter and reach half way to the knee.


Weiss' timeskip outfit

After the timeskip following the Fall of Beacon, her new design is updated, sporting a blue, glittering mini-skirted dress with a sweetheart neckline on top of a white, tulle petticoat. A white ribbon ties at the waist, and over the outfit is worn a long-sleeved blue shrug. The shrug is slightly sheer and is fastened at the collar with a large sapphire broach that has three pendants dangling from it. Printed on the back of the shrug is the Schnee snowflake emblem. Completing her attire are dark blue platform heels.


She also has an alternate/occasional outfit, where she wears a longer blue dress and platformless stiletto heels instead.

Weiss also wears sapphire accents in her two outfits and sapphire earrings.


Monty Oum has said that everything has been decided for her in her life, and because of it, she is a bit of a rebel. It even manages to manifest itself in her physical appearance as she wears her ponytail to the side of her head, disrupting the symmetry of the rest of her outfit. Despite her rebelliousness, she does not seem to be hostile to her family or the SDC. However, Weiss talks little of her family, nor does she ever bring up the subject, keeping such part of her life hidden. She also brushes off any mention of her family, as seen when she contacted her company's headquarters in Atlas, refusing to talk to her dad and sister for reasons unknown. Still, she will defend if offended, including her company, as seen with Blake Belladonna during their first encounter.

Considering the lyrics of her leitmotif "Mirror Mirror", it is very likely that Weiss felt very lonely throughout her life. Her initially cold attitude towards Ruby and anyone she doesn't consider a close friend may be a sign that she's very unused to the concept of a true friend due to her difficult childhood. In "The Stray", it confirms at the very least that due to the constant attacks by the White Fang her life became much harder than it should have been, explaining her often difficult personality. When she does befriend somebody though, she can warm up to a surprising degree, placing a great deal of trust in her friends and opening up to them when she feels the need, though remaining her usual strict self most of the time.

According to her voice actress, Kara Eberle, Weiss is "nice but can also be a little bit bitchy". She is irritable and confident in her abilities, though also acknowledges her deficiencies and the need to hone her skills further. Her confidence in her skills and intellect often comes off as arrogance to others. This is also mentioned by Kara, who called her the "know-it-all" type of person who also can become best friends with her acquaintances.

Weiss remains calm and collected during an encounter and mentally coaches herself. She is thoughtful and fights with precision and coordination. She is analytical and tactical when in battle, waiting for the right moment to strike and retreating when circumstances are not favorable.

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Weiss seems to take her time at Beacon more seriously than her teammates, being far more studious than them. She is often taking notes even when the topic is not very closely related to the knowledge she seeks, and is annoyed by people who don't take their classes seriously. Her lecturing Ruby when they first met about her being too young and them being there to fight monsters also demonstrates her more serious attitude about becoming a Huntress. She also seemed intent in the beginning on becoming a popular standout student at Beacon, which is the reason why she seeks out Pyrrha Nikos before the Beacon Academy Initiation in hopes of gaining her friendship.

In "The Badge and The Burden, Pt.2", Peter Port argues that Weiss has received everything she has ever wanted in her life. He suggests this is the reason for Weiss' hostile behavior towards Ruby's being chosen for Team Leader instead of herself. Weiss acknowledges that she has usually gotten her way, but indicates that this is not always the case.

After speaking with the Professor, Weiss' attitude appears to change, as she takes his suggestion to "be the best person [she] can be" to heart. As a result, she decides to become more friendly with Ruby and tells her she believes she can be a good leader. She even mentions to Ruby that she had always wanted bunk beds growing up, contrasting greatly with her original outward opinion of the beds. Despite warming up to Ruby, in "Forever Fall, Pt.2", Weiss still shows a tendency to insult Ruby when she makes mistakes.

Despite her personality, Weiss does not lack a whimsical or humorous side, as she joined her team in a food fight against Team JNPR, emerging victorious, and was later seen laughing with her team afterwards. She also joined her team in a board game, but grew to dislike it after losing to Yang Xiao Long, "crying" afterwards with Ruby. In "Painting the Town...", Weiss makes an attempt at a joke, but fails, and is met with negative criticism from Yang and Blake, though they note that she's at least trying. Weiss also seems to enjoy participating in certain events, as seen in "Extracurricular", where she and Yang are in charge of preparing the Beacon Dance.

It can be inferred that Weiss' status as an heiress is a burden that takes a toll on her personality. When contacting the Schnee Company World Headquarters, Weiss put feigned smile and declined to be connected to any of her family members. Her status as the heiress also puts her under the impression that people would only date her due to her fame, which is the explanation she gives for rejecting Jaune Arc's advances. This also goes with her reasons into being a Huntress, mostly because she wants to live up to her family's legacy, but not before adding that there is more to it than that.

However, she seemed unsure of this when questioned by Bartholomew Oobleck prior to her conversation with Blake and Yang. In addition, Weiss states that as Huntresses they have to put what they want last and the lives of other people first, those being the ones they protect. Weiss continues that for her family, vowing that she would not allow her father to be the end of the Schnee family's honor despite the SDC's transition into a moral gray area beneath his command, indicating that she wants to make things right. Weiss then resolves to put her job as a Huntress first and her own desires second, inspiring the rest of the team to do so as well.

In "Lessons Learned", Weiss undergoes a major turning point in her character development. After Winter berates Weiss on doubting her own abilities, she reveals to Weiss that their father withheld her allowance so that she would call home. Winter then gives Weiss the option to let go of her bindings to the SDC, stating that it would allow her to discover more about herself. Later, heeding her sister's advice, Weiss rejects another call from her father, finalizing her decision to continue on her own path. This newfound motive is reflected in the lyrics of "Mirror Mirror Part II".

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Views on the White Fang and Faunus

Due to the ongoing violence between the SDC and the White Fang terrorist group, Weiss despises the White Fang and shows a noticeable distrust of the Faunus. The White Fang's activities seem to have contributed to a difficult childhood for Weiss, as she had close ties with numerous people who were either killed by or disappeared because of the White Fang.

The fact that the White Fang have been consistently disrupting the SDC's activities has also led to Weiss' father being frequently angry, further worsening her childhood. She cites these events as having colored her views on both the White Fang and Faunus. This is first shown when she begins talking about the White Fang in "The Stray", ranting about them in occasionally hyperbolic terms to the consternation of her teammate Blake, unaware that she was a former member of the group.

Weiss' past experiences are shown to affect how she views Faunus in general when she makes many derogatory comments about Sun Wukong because of his minor criminal acts. Furthermore, when Blake defends him, Weiss suggests he would likely just end up joining with the White Fang. However, shortly after the fight with Roman Torchwick, Weiss seems to no longer care about her argument with Blake, stating they are teammates and it changes nothing. However, she states that she's still not sure how she feels about Sun, although they seem to be on friendlier terms as time passes. Weiss and the rest of her team keep the fact that Blake is a Faunus a secret.

Weiss' hostility towards the Faunus seems to have downgraded considerably since arriving at Beacon, as seen when she showed concern for Velvet Scarlatina and the rest of Team CFVY. She may be on friendly terms with the latter. She is even friendlier with Blake, having placed trust in her as well.

Abilities and Powers

As the heiress of the Schnee Dust Company, Weiss was raised from youth to strive to be the best in all she did, and combat was no exception. As a testament to her skills, Weiss was on the top ranking of the sparring class during the events of the Vytal Festival. Weiss can move quickly and is creative on the battlefield, particularly with Ice Dust.

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What is Weiss Schnee semblance? ›

Weiss has the Schnee family Semblance of Glyphs, allowing her to create glyphs that can be used in a variety of ways: create a slippery platform to skate on at high speed, generate midair platforms to manipulate her trajectory in the air and perform limited time dilation that can speed up actions, to name a few.

Who is Weiss Schnee based on? ›

Character Basis

Weiss Schnee alludes to the character Snow White from the fairy tale Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, which follows Team RWBY's theme of fairy tale allusions.

How does Weiss semblance work? ›

Weiss' semblance is officially termed Glyphs. It works by her using symbols to increase her own power. She can use her Glyphs to walk on, increase her speed, pull things through, and even speed up time. When combined with her manipulation of dust, there's nearly no limit to what she can do with her Glyphs.

What fairytale is Weiss Schnee? ›

Weiss Schnee's character was inspired by fairy tale character Snow White. This was referenced by the song she sang during the "White" trailer, called "Mirror Mirror". Her full name also translates from German to "White Snow".

What is Blake's semblance? ›

Blake's Semblance, Shadow, allows her to create shadow-clones of herself. These clones push her in the direction of her choosing and can be used to trick and disorient opponents. Blake can use Dust to give her clones additional abilities.

What is Ruby Rose's semblance? ›

Her Semblance is called "Petal Burst", which enables her to transform into a fast burst of rose petals. Initially, it was thought that Ruby's ability was primarily speed, enabling her to run faster than the human eye can catch, and change directions in mid-air.

Is Weiss dead? ›

Weiss Schnee almost croaked it after Cinder Fall impaled her with a spear but in RWBY volume 5 episode 12 she managed to survive – here's how. After receiving a near-fatal injury in the previous episode Weiss Schnee managed to survive in RWBY volume 5 episode 12 – here's how.

How much does Weiss Schnee weigh? ›

Weight: 111 lbs.

Who is Weiss Schnee mother? ›

Willow Schnee is a supporting character in the American animated webseries RWBY. She is the mother of Winter, Weiss, and Whitley Schnee.

What is Weiss weapon called? ›

Myrtenaster is Weiss Schnee's signature weapon. It is a Multi Action Dust Rapier (MADR), which Weiss is first seen wielding in the "White" Trailer. Myrtenaster is standard-sized for a rapier and primarily silver-gray in color.

What color are Weiss eyes? ›

Weiss's eyes are blue which doesn't correspond to any of the main characters showing she's detached from the others (at least so far). Hers are the only ones that come close to natural human colors though.

How do Weiss glyphs work? ›

Weiss often uses her Glyphs for propulsion, as they have the ability to control motion. Using Myrtenaster, she modifies these Glyphs by changing which Dust vial is in use, giving a wide variety of effects. In the official board game, RWBY: Combat Ready, she can use her Semblance as a "Deflection Glyph".

Who is Yang based off of? ›

Yang Xiao Long is inspired by the fairy tale character of Goldilocks.

Who is mercury from RWBY based off of? ›

10 Mercury Resembles The Roman God Mercurius

In RWBY, all of Mercury's offensive and defensive moves stem from his feet, more specifically his prosthetic legs and boots. The general design and the name, Talaria, allude to Mercurius' winged sandals of the same name.

Who is Yang based on? ›

Monty Oum has stated that Yang not only is based on Barbara appearance-wise, but also in personality given she has to act motherly in a way as a community manager.

What is the Grimm version of Snow White? ›

"Snow White" is a 19th-century German fairy tale that is today known widely across the Western world. The Brothers Grimm published it in 1812 in the first edition of their collection Grimms' Fairy Tales and numbered as Tale 53.

What is Snow White based off? ›

The original tale is in a 19th-century collection of fairy tales written in German by the Brothers Grimm, who also wrote Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and Rumplestiltskin. The Brothers Grimm published their book in 1812, featuring the story of Sneewittchen (Snow White).

Who is Cinderella based on? ›

The oldest known oral version of the Cinderella story is the ancient Greek story of Rhodopis, a Greek courtesan living in the colony of Naucratis in Egypt, whose name means "Rosy-Cheeks".

What is the original Cinderella story? ›

The earliest recorded version of the Cinderella story comes from Egypt. The oral tale of Rhodopis and Her Little Gilded Sandals depicts a Greek slave girl who eventually marries the king of Egypt. It was first recorded by a Greek geographer (Strabo) in the first century BCE.


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